As a charity providing incredible support for young Dad’s in the northeast, we have previously delivered a series of innovative animation training films.When Jonah approached us this time, the plan was to predominately shoot film, but to bring in some short elements of animation, which built on characters we created in the first series.

The planning process was really interesting, because Jonah brought such a great panel of experts, to present specific parts of the training programme. We suggested that a young dad and also a law student, involved in the project as part of her studies, host the seven films, introducing key messages and reinforcing them. The production process was interesting as well, because rather than scripting the experts, we asked them to talk in an interview format about the areas they focus on. Everyone was brilliant, and head of post-production, Karis did an amazing job interviewing those involved at Newcastle University, In their law faculty. Ryan shot some fantastic ground footage and Neil added drone to the mix. After laying down the main sections of content, we wrote presenter sections and they were shot at Hoults Yard. That just left the animation sections, and these were important because they allowed us to bring one of our characters back (Carl) and his family, to directly present situations and environments young dad’s would find themselves in, should they go through similar circumstances.

The final output moves from 5 to 7 complete films, and these will be used in a variety of different ways. These include live training sessions with young dad’s, online support and as a training resource for professionals and students working in family court environments. It has been an absolute pleasure working with NEYLD’s again, Jonah is an absolute credit to his organisation and the sector he works in.

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