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Jon Corbett – A Northeast Life in Music

Jon the founder of JAC media  has always been an incredibly enthusiastic advocate of life in the northeast, with his particular love being music, both promoting and performing. This is definitely a real ‘rock n roll’ rollercoaster, so you might want to kick back with a cold...

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Peter Smith – Prepare to be Inspired

As an extremely successful University Professor, from Sunderland and still teaching there, Peter’s story and hos love of music is fascinating. Add to that a life changing event in recent years and a commitment to allowing no barriers slow down his drive a passion for life, and you...

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John Holmes – Bernicia and Bicycles

In this episode we meet a ‘Northeasterner’, with an  amazing career, here in London and York, who is currently the Chairman of the Board of the Bernicia Group, one of the primary social housing organisations in our region. Add to that a passion for cycling...

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