Paediatric care of the highest standard is something that every parent should expect for their children and working closely with the incredible team of professionals at The RVI, we saw the level of dedication, innovation and professionalism that our region offers. We were commissioned to help the consultants better present the fantastic work delivered at GNCH, and to show the next generation of paediatric professionals, just why this part of the UK represents a fantastic choice for career and lifestyle.

For those of us who have chosen to live in the North East, we can quickly become complacent about how brilliant the region, its people and its places really are; so we presented this story, to include health professionals who both started here and who have actively chosen to live here. The staff, their stories and their patients are at the heart of the videos, showcasing their passion, commitment and love for their job at every level. The end result, a selection of videos which will help inspire the next generation of paediatric professionals.

The nine videos, we created are being deployed across the NHS websites, as well as being shared across social media, where it has received extremely positive feedback. The videos have been viewed over 8.2k times on YouTube alone.

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