One of the challenges of the Covid 19 Pandemic has been it’s effect on bringing large organised groups together for training. The Fire Service have for many years brought thousands of school children to central Fire Stations to teach them about Arson and Fire Safety. These events have involved large teams from the service repeating the same training on a daily basis to the visiting groups, over a period of around a week every year. When lockdown closed the schools and stopped public mixing they needed to find another solution, so they approached three motion, and asked us to help.

Engagement is everything when teaching kids about Fire Safety, so we proposed a solution working closely with the amazing team who in normal circumstances deliver the training live. That saw us using film and animation to not only cover all of their messages required, but also to save a huge cost in time spent on members of the Service repeating the same message to visitors on a daily basis. The other great benefit of a digital solution is reach and the content will be delivered directly into schools through direct links to content which will be used in classroom sessions, with both teacher and student support packs to reinforce learning. From the schools perspective the training becomes accessible to many more students and the costs of transportation have entirely been removed as a barrier to the offered sessions.

As a digital solution, content is being made available to schools through an online portal. This will not only track the numbers trained, where and when, but it will take away any geographical limits for the teaching offered. Right now focus from David and Lee who ran the project for the Fire service will be in this region, but as uptake levels are ascertained there is no upper limit to the numbers who could get involved or to where they are in the UK or globally. Thanks to them for their amazing work on this with our team and to the amazing Fire Dog Woody, who was a pleasure to work with especially if you had his tennis ball.

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