CEO Sleepout is a charity dedicated to making homelessness something that just doesn’t exist in the UK in the 21st Century. The COVID pandemic last year proved that with effort, the Government could provide good quality accommodation for every rough sleeper. Unfortunately, as we came out of those strangest of times, large numbers of people found themselves back on the streets. Bianca, who runs the organisation, has a mission to change that and she asked us to help.

The unique way that the charity raises money (£2.8m so far) is by asking senior execs to experience for one night, what it is like to rough sleep. Events are held around the country and those participating bring sponsorship money into the charity as well as gaining some real insight into the challenges faced. We joined the team at an event at The Alnwick Garden, capturing the event, talking to those involved including Kerri, an amazing lady who rough slept from her early teens to mid-twenties, mostly in central London. We also slept out to experience in a very small way, what so many face every night.

The stories we were able to capture were really heartfelt and if ever a project rekindles some level of hope and belief in British people this was it. Neil and Care shot the amazing footage from the ground and air, Jo worked closely with Bianca and supported us throughout the event. The amazing edits (of which there are 13, including the main film seen here and a series of social media shorts) were created by our Head of Post-Production Karis, with music written specifically for CEO Sleepout charity. Three Motion will continue to work with the charity and support them wherever we can.

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